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  Date Uploaded File Description  
10-29-09 Map Diagram of Pole lights and service history.  
10-2-09 Exterior Lights Diagram of wall pacs and street-lamp light poles near entry with service history information.  
7-29-2009 underground.pdf Drawing to show the approximate location of underground conduits and wires near the main distribution panel and sub-panels A-D.  
9-10-08 ductheater.pdf Wiring schematic for off-peak duct heater. Thermolec standard plenum heater.  
8-7-08 altivar.pdf Instruction manual for Altivar motor speed controller installed on product conveyor in 2008.  
10-14-08 panels.pdf Drawing of building showing locations of electrical panels and subpanel feeds.  
  10-28-09 Front Recess Cans Service and Ballast information.  

warehouse lights.pdf


List of maintenance done on 9-17-08, and the associated drawing.  
2-19-09 Storage Building Lights

Diagram of wall pacs and street-lamp light poles near entry. Service history.